Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reserve Champion!!! Dog Training in Milton Ontario

A Sunday spent outside in Paris, Ontario was well worth the drive.

Brandy held her own in the agility competition taking home the title of Reserve Champion in Agility II & III and winning the Small Dog Steeplechase competition. As far as the lure coursing and brush hunt went, she left a little to be desired. But she showed promise in the ball toss - but fatigue had started to kick in.

A big thank you to everyone at the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada, the volunteers, the judges, the board members, sponsors and the competitors who made this event fantastic. Also, a huge thank you to our president, Deb Mahon, she's done a great job!!!

For more information about joining the club please visit

Also, don't forget to visit the Russell Rescue

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kids and Dogs...They Can Be Friends - Dog Training in Milton

Yes, it is true, dogs and kids can make the best of friends.

The key to this relationship is maintaining control of both, supervision, proper etiquette and rules.

Supervision is the most important of course. Never, ever, ever leave a child alone unsupervised with a dog, regardless of how good that dog is with the child. Either could get hurt, and it is best not to ever let that happen.

Maintaining control of both your child and the dog is a top priority. If you have no control over either, they you will encounter, at some point, issues with both dog and child. For dogs, obedience training is a must! Even just the basics of sit, down, stay and come. Without these, control becomes difficult to maintain. It is also a great idea to get the children involved in the obedience training. This can help establish that the child is on a higher level than the dog, and help to build a better relationship between both. As a parent, you need to be able to end the game at any time you want without a struggle.

Proper etiquette and rules means that both child and dog need guidelines in order to play together. The child should never be allowed to hit, pinch, kick or scare the dog purposely. The dog should never be allowed to put teeth on skin, mount, nip at or rough play with the child. This of course goes back to maintaining control on both.

If you are consistent, fair and are able to maintain control your children and dogs should be able to grow a healthy, happy relationship together.

If you are having any issues with your dog around your children, please contact us This is never an issue that you should take lightly, and it can be resolved with a little guidence from a professional trainer.

Keep in mind there are certain dogs/breeds that, due to their background, temperament, socialization (or lack there of) or other such reasons, should never be around children, period.

* Please note, the dog in the below photos is extensively trained, and socialized with the child shown. The child, though very young, is learning how to play nice. If you are unsure about the way that your dog will react, do not try the below.

Dog hides

Baby finds

Dog hides again and baby finds

Then we share toys