Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring Time Recall Training - Dog Training in Milton Ontario

 Little Hunter practicing some long leash recalls for the first time.

Spring has sprung as of a few days ago, but the weather certainly doesn't feel like it. Apparently, on March 21st of last year, it was 23 degrees out ... sort of depressing, but here's hoping to a nice warm summer!

Along with the approaching warm weather (or so we're told its approaching) comes more time outside with your dogs. And more time outside with your dogs is the perfect time to start working on training around distractions, and longer distances on your recalls to solidify them.

Here are a few tips if you've practiced short leash recalls, and indoor recalls, and want to take your recall training to the great outdoors:

*Utilize a 15-30 foot leash
*Start in an area that has little distraction in regards to other dogs/people
*Allow your dog some free time on that long leash (about 15 minutes) to roam around, sniff, and basically be a dog
*About 5-8 times in that 15 minutes, call your dog to come
*Reward every response, even if you have to help them with the leash to get to you (reward doesn't always have to be food - it can be a toy, a game, big time praise - use what motivates your dog)
*As they get better utilize more and more distraction
*ALWAYS remember they are a good boy/girl for coming - never call your dog to get them in trouble
*Train recall on your walks (with your regular 6 foot leash) as well to get them used to coming in all situations

Get out there, have some fun, train your dogs!