Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect ... Well, Close Enough To It - dog training in Milton

It's true, practice does make perfect (or as close to it as you can get). And it's true for everything in life, including training your dog. If you don't practice, you can not expect your dog to "get it" or move forward in training. Of course, when I say perfect, I don't literally mean perfect. No one in this world is, so I never expect dogs to be either, but getting as close to it as you reasonably can should be everyone's goal.

Training your dog should be peppered in throughout your daily routine, rather than once a week for an hour at class. Training for 5-10 minutes here and there throughout your day will benefit your dog immensely, and practicing obedience in real life situations will help your dog understand that it's not just once a week that he/she has to listen to you, but every day, when ever you ask.

If you are looking for help training your dog, feel free to contact us any time, we love to help owners succeed with their dogs! dogtraining101@hotmail.com

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Awesome Dog Training Class! Milton Ontario Dog Trainer

These guys finished off this past weekend, and had to post about the improvements that I saw in each dog. This group did fantastic - everyone passed and everyone improved their handling skills and communication with their dogs.

Every owner has a different goal for the relationship with their dog, which is why we use the methods that we do. Each dog is an individual, therefore, no two dogs react the same to training, and even in a class environment we try to tailor some of the training to the individuality of each dog and owner.

If you are looking for some great training, better handling skills and over all an improved relationship with your dog, send us an email, we love helping owners succeed with their canine companions dogtraining101@hotmail.com.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Private In-Home Dog Training - Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Halton

If you are looking for a more tailored approach to training your dog, or are looking to work on specific issues that you may be experiencing with your dog, private training is the way to go. Private training sessions offer the one-on-one time that you can not get in a group setting*. They give you the ability to work in your dogs regular environment (in-home and around the neighbourhood) making the training relevant to your situation, and your own personal goals can be met, rather than the goals of a class.

We offer many options for private training including puppy training, basic dog training, advanced dog training, agility and problem solving. We work around your schedule and sessions can start at anytime.

If you are interested in furthering your dogs training, please don't hesitate to contact us at dogtraining101@hotmail.com. Our goal is to help you succeed with your dog!

*I will mention that our group sessions are kept small, and we give as much one-on-one time as we can to those who need it in our group classes. Because our classes are small, you don't get lost in a corner somewhere, wondering what you are suppose to be doing.