Sunday, January 22, 2012

Natural Aversives - Dog training in Milton Ontario

There is no need for owners to beat themselves up over the fact that their dogs survive aversives on a daily basis, both accidental and intentional. Both dogs and humans learn from aversives - touch a hot stove, get burned, you're less likely to touch it next time. Dog gets under foot, dog get's stepped on, dog is less likely to get into the same area next time.

Aversives are often used in training in the form of corrections to decrease the likelyhood of a behaviour. The opposite is true of rewards - they are used to increase the likelyhood of a behaviour.

A good read if you're up for the challenge. Check out Terrierman's intro then follow the link he provides to a great, in-depth article on aversives in dog training and dog's lives in general.

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