Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Obedience vs Intelligence? Dog Training in Milton & Burlington

The smartest dogs are not necessarily the ones that are willing to do everything that you ask. Though every dog is unique and intelligent (there are no stupid dogs), they are not all created equal.

There are breeds, mixes and individuals who excel in obedience and tasks created by us humans, who are driven to work for us and and happy doing our biddinig. Then there are breeds, mixes and individuals that excel at thinking on their feet and using their own minds to accomplish the task at hand (what ever they think it might be), sometimes saying screw the owner, I'm going to do what I feel is right.

Often times these latter types are labled as less bright than the foregoing group, which is very far from the truth.  I have found that the dogs who push the limits, who cause frustration, who are "more difficult to train" and who have a mind of their own are amoungst some of the smartest canines. Again, not all dogs are created equal, and not all dogs are ready to follow us around, hanging on our every word.

If you have that type, rest assured that the intelligence is present and alive with in your companion, you just need to learn how to bring it to the surface in the best, most effective way.

Which brings us to the next issue. If you are dead set in your ways of training, have one single method with rigid boudaries, you may end up at a road block when training these types of dogs. Willingness to use what works for each individual will get you much further. All dogs are different and no one method will work the same on every dog. Variences in motivations, drives, temperament and breed will all have an affect on training and learning rates as will variences in owner confidence, patience and consistency.

If you are at a road black with your dog, feel free to contact us and we can help you break through that road block - dogtraining101@hotmail.com and visit the website for training details www.smartdogsk9.com

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