Monday, February 3, 2014

Are your expectations too high for your puppy? Milton Dog Training

I find that quite a few owners out there expect way too much from very young puppies. I'm not talking 5 months plus here, I'm talking the babies, at 8-16 weeks old. I want to share some things that I do with my puppies in the hopes that it helps alleviate pressure/expectations on both the puppies and the owners.

I like to start all my puppies on easy, positive style training when they are new. I like to keep them happy about learning at a young age, so they will be more receptive as they get older. I keep any training session short, fun, and upbeat to keep their attention and desire for more. I do enforce rules, but in a fair, easy to understand way, so that they catch on quickly. I play with my puppies, as play is important for growth and development. I don't give my puppies endless amounts of freedom; supervision is the key to preventing most typical puppy issues. I handle my puppies, all over, and teach them to enjoy it so that they will be more receptive to handling as they age. I socialize my puppies, but I don't over do it , I follow my own rules on this one. I don't expect too much from young puppies, it's unfair and it will disappoint you if you do. Over all, I enjoy my puppies at this age ... it doesn't last long, so take advantage of it while it lasts.

Yes puppies can start to learn the rules and boundaries as soon as they come home, but don't expect them to remember them every day, every hour or even every 5 minutes ... they are babies. Yes you can start to train them on some of the basics and manners, but don't expect them to be proficient at them all day every day or even every 5 minutes ... they are babies. Yes you can start on house training right away, but don't expect no accidents ... they are babies. Yes puppies can be frustrating, irritating, annoying, and demanding ... but, they are babies.

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