Monday, May 11, 2015

Venture Hill's Frankie of Smart Dogs - Dog Training Milton

I thought it was about time that we officially introduce Frankie since many have already met him out at our classes. He came at both a good and a bad time for us. Frankie arrived about a month before we lost Brandy. He was to take over most of the work so that Brandy could retire. Unfortunately it didn't happen that way. 

It has been a very tough road over the last few weeks. I miss my little dog terribly. However, I am thankful that Frankie was able to meet her and get to know her before she left us. Even in a very short period of time, she passed on some great habits to him. He has also been able to keep us distracted through this difficult period.

With a crash course in Basic Obedience, Bootcamp level, a little Advanced stuff and some minor agility equipment intro's, he has helped out a great deal. He has a lot of learning left to do, but I am confident he will be able to handle the things that I throw at him.

For those unsure as to what breed of dog he is, Frankie is a Rat Terrier. Not popular up here in Canada, but they are very popular in the US. He will be training for Rally Obedience, possibly Agility and from there, what ever else I decide.

He will never replace Brandy, no dog can, but he will do a good job helping to fill the void, keeping us occupied and moving us forward in our training careers.

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