Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Relationships with your dog - Dog Trainer in Milton

Does your dog blow you off? Decide not to listen to you? Do you have trouble training your dog? Is your dog always checking out anything else other than you?

Sometimes it's not a matter of training, conditioning or repitition - it's a matter of relationship and handling skills. Sometimes with the slightest body movement, we confuse our dogs. Sometimes with a command uttered one too many times makes our dog loose focus. Sometimes a hectic nature on our part, creates frustration in the dog. Sometimes our lack of clarity creates stress in our dogs. Sometimes our bodies are saying one thing, but our voices are saying another.

Having a well behaved, responsive dog isn't always about sit, down, stay and come. Sometimes it's about being clear in our expectation, calm in our interactions and meaningful in our relationship.

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