Thursday, March 30, 2017

Yet Another Sad Dog Training Tool Ban, But You Can Help! Dog Training Milton


There is something really important happening in the dog training community. Hillsborough County Florida (as well as the state of FL) is proposing legislation that will make it ILLEGAL to use any TRAINING COLLAR (slip lead, prong collar, ecollar) and any method that is not considered positive-only. This is VERY real and on our door step in Ontario, and across Canada and the U.S.

Please continue reading to have your voice heard. It does not matter if you live in the county or even in the U.S. Or not, you can still write a letter! If it passes, it will soon be presented as a state-wide law. And it could extend nationwide. This is a war that knows no boundaries.

Your voice as a pet dog owner will weigh more than the voices of trainers! The lives of dogs depend on it! We need you and these letters e-mailed BEFORE FRIDAY, 03/31/2017.

If you are a family that I have helped, or from another trainer, and have experienced personal success with the use of a prong collar, slip lead, remote collar, and similar balanced training approaches, please email the following to oppose the proposed regulation. Failure to stop this regulation will result in a significant impact on your democratic rights and freedoms, not to mention harm to our dogs. Send an email opposing the ban and give your story. Send a picture of your dog and how you have personally been helped
Include the following statement in the subject line:

Opposition to the Proposed Ordinance Requiring Licensing for Dog Trainers


Dear Commissioner:

I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed ordinance requiring licensing for dog trainers. I am a dog lover and I am extremely passionate about the safety and welfare of dogs.
Let me tell you about my dog and how balanced training methods helped change my life and the life of my dog(s):


Conclusion: Industry regulation such as licensing should not be undertaken without careful thought as to the potential unintended consequences of the licensure requirements. As it is currently worded, this ordinance is wrought with ambiguities that can lead to extreme interpretations that would limit professionals’ abilities to properly do their jobs, and potentially lead to far greater harm for dogs in Hillsborough County. We would suggest at the very least that any attempt to regulate dog training tools, methods etc. be omitted, and all such decisions be left up to the agreement of the professional trainer and the client involved.

Physical address

Address all letters to the following email addresses:

Add as cc:

Thank you for your efforts!

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