Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Trained Dog Makes EVERYONE Happy - Dog Training in Milton

Training your dog, of course, benefits your own family and close friends, but training your dog also benefits everyone who your dog comes into contact with. Vets, groomers, dog walkers, pet sitters, people you pass on a walk, etc. are all people who are directly affected by your dogs behaviour, training or lack there of.

Two of the people most affected are your vet and your groomer. They have to handle your dogs in a way that can make them uncomfortable, clean teeth and ears, give needles, take temperatures ... well, you get the point. If your dog hasn't been trained and will not accept handling, their jobs become A LOT more difficult and the stress on your dog can be overwhelming (not to mention cost involved with a dog who will not co-operate).

But, if your dog has been trained, and has learned to accept handling and is reliable it can make vets and groomers jobs a pleasure and possibly reduce your bills in the end. I will relate to you a small story of the benefits of having a trained and reliable dog in a veterinary situation.

We had to rush the little white dog into the emergency vet a while back for a puncture wound. Of course, after speaking with the vet and an initial examination (where she was stoic as usual), they said they would need to take her to the back, sedate her and clean out the wound. At this point, I offered to go back and hold her, telling them she doesn't need to be sedated because she will allow you to do the job with no fuss. As per usual, "the back room" is reserved for vets and staff only, but they said they would see how she reacts and sedate it needed. Cost was not an issue for us, but knowing that sedation of an older dog can cause issues was my motive for helping out.

They took her from me and brought her to the back room for what seemed like an eternity. But when they emerged with a saline solution cleaned, little white dog, awake and happy to see us, they related that she was so well behaved that they neither needed my help, nor did they have to sedate her, making their jobs easier, her life better and bringing the cost of the visit down.

This would not have happened if she were untrained. Untrained dogs will resist handling, they will not heed your words, especially if they are in pain or stressed and they will make everyone's lives more difficult, even if those people are trying to help them.

This is only one of hundreds of reasons why you should train your dog and why it will make yours and a lot of other peoples lives easier. Training your dog is a daily process, and taking advantage of new opportunities to train in, like the vets office, the pet store etc., will be of huge benefit to you both. The dog learns that he/she has to behave, regardless of where they are, and you can relax knowing that your dog will be under control no matter what the situation.

If you need help with any training, please don't hesitate to contact us at dogtraining101@hotmail.com and we can put you on the road to gaining a trained and happy companion. Remember, a trained dog is a happy dog and has a happy owner.

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