Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Leash Is Your Friend - Dog Trainer in Milton

Often times I am called out to clients home's with dogs who have had a minimal amount of training and are somewhat out of control in their own environment (this includes both puppies and adults dogs). Many times these dogs have been given so much freedom that there are very little rules to follow and no way of enforcing them. Owners become frustrated and disheartened at the lack of control and response from their dogs, yet most times, no one considers the option of putting their dog on a leash in the house in order to gain back control.

I am here to tell you that the leash is your friend. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having your dog on leash in the house, especially dogs and puppies who have been recently adopted. The leash and crate are two VERY important tools in the process of raising and training your dog, and should not be shyed away from.

The leash gives you the ability to directly supervise your pet and give them some freedom without giving them run of the house. It aids in house training, obedience training and teaches your dog to follow you rather than the other way around. Common training problems can be solved by putting your dog back on leash and working up to off leash freedom again. Dogs need to earn their freedom, regardless of if it's in home, or out at the park, and the best way to do this is start at step one - with the leash.

If you are experiencing any training or behavioural problems with your pooch, feel free to send us and email and dicuss how we can help you gain back control and build up obedience with your dog


  1. I have a beautiful 100lbs, German Shepherd X 'pound puppy' that I adopted when she was just over a year old - she is now 12. I have and have always had a four foot leash as I find retractable leashes allow far too much leniency, and I believe control comes from keeping her close to me .... she is, by far, the sweetest, gentlest canine that I know and her groomer, neighbours and relatives and neighbourhood dogs love her dearly .... this is a dog that the pound said, was 'difficult' and 'hyper' .... the leash defined her boundaries, allowed her to understand where she could go and not go, and taught her who was in control, and I have never once regretted bringing dear Miss Jessica 'the dog' into my home.

    1. I'm so glad to hear that you had such success with using the leash to gain control of your dog - great effort, and great example!! Thanks for posting!!


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