Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Don't Pop Your Release Cue!! - Milton Ontario Dog Training

Yikes, I see this a lot, and thought I'd better make note of it. Owners need to make a conscious effort not to leash pop their dogs on the "release cue" - being the words "ok", "free" or what ever you like to call it. The best thing to do to indicate to the dog that the task (often being the stay) is complete is to use movement when you give the release, NOT a leash pop. A leash pop is a negative, and we want the dogs to know that they have done the task correctly, so adding a pop after the release is technically correcting them for carrying out the command in the right way - definitely not the message we want to convey. So, when you are training your dog, make the effort to keep a loose leash and use movement instead of adding a negative to the positive thing that they've done. Use your release command, and then step away as you reward so that the dog follows and understands completely that "ok" means I can get up know or I'm done.

Happy Training!

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